“Hot Flash Havoc” Screening on Feb. 2

There will be a one-time special showing of the award-winning documentary Hot Flash Havoc in Chicago on February 2.

Over 6,000 women enter menopause every day in the US alone and by 2015, the number of menopausal women is expected to reach 1.7 billion. As baby boomers enter the inevitable stage of life, Hot Flash Havoc is a crash-course movie that tells every woman and man what they need to know about menopause.

Executive producer Heidi Houston and her team of National Women’s Health Experts will be premiering their new documentary Hot Flash Havoc at Northwestern University’s Chicago Campus on Wednesday, February 2.

The show puts a comical and entertaining spin on the common feelings and experiences associated with menopause. In addition to its humor, the documentary features insights from Harvard Medical School expert Alan Altman, M.D., and discussions of the myths and misconceptions surrounding menopause.

For a sneak peak at the trailer, click here!