Savvy Traveler: A Line of Light Luggage

Whether you’re struggling to stay under the 50-pound checked-item limit, or the increasingly common 15-pound carry-on limit, every ounce counts!

The TravellingLight™ series by Sea to Summit offers maximum durability with minimal weight.

What we love about this line: 

It’s feather light, yet outdoor trekker durable, thanks to Ultra-Sil™ fabric made from freakishly strong Cordura® yarns with a silicone coating. Essential details on stitching, seaming, zippers and seals are well thought out and built for durability, thanks to its inventor and Mount Everest record holder Tim Macartney-Snape.

The cute sling bag and shopper bags weigh just 2 ounces and pack down into keychain-sized bags, so you’re never without extra space for your travel finds.

The travel experts at Kaehler Luggage suggest using color-coded TravellingLight™ toiletry bags to identify each family member’s stash in a shared suitcase. We love!

Shopping guide:

Travel Sling Bag, $30Hanging Toiletry Bag, $35-40
Packing Cell, $18-25Travel Shopping Bag, $30
See Pouch, $13-18