“Dream Doctor” Comes to Chicago

From January 25 through January 30, 2011, Hadassah Chicago Chapter will be hosting “Dream Doctor” David “Dudi” Barashi to help inspire sick children.

Dudi is a medical clown or “Dream Doctor” as it is often called in Israel; he has been at Hadassah Medical Center in Israel since 2003.

In addition to relating one-on-one to the Medical Center’s acutely and chronically ill children, Dudi works with parents and medical staff and has volunteered in Hadassah’s global outreach. He has worked with patients in India, with AIDS-stricken orphans in Ethiopia, with tsunami survivors of South East Asia and with survivors of the earthquake in Haiti.

Dudi holds an undergraduate degree in nursing and theatre arts from University of Haifa.
He writes, directs, produces, acts and works as artistic director on various plays and projects.

Dudi Barashi will be available for hospital visits, school visits and parlor meetings. For more information and to arrange these visits, please contact Debby Oshri-Pintel at [email protected] or 847-675-6790.

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