Sh*t People Say Comes to the North Shore

The video sensation that started with “Sh*t Girls Say” has hit the North Shore.

Make It Better’s own Marjie Killeen; with Anne-Marie Kovacs; and Audrey van Petegem, have made their own video, “Sh*t Middle Aged Women Say.”

We say, “Hilarious.”

And when you’re done laughing, check out some of our other favorite, “Sh*t People Say” videos.

“Sh*t Girls Say” Episode 1 is the funniest and still best.

“Sh*t Yogis Say” If you’ve ever said “Namaste,” this one’s for you.

“Sh*t Chicagoans Say” Wait for the ketchup on the hot dog scene.

“Sh*t Nobody Says” Twilight deserves an Oscar…nuff said

“Sh*t the Dowager Countess Says” Calling all you Downton Abbey fans. A little long, but you’ve got to love the bell.

“Sh*t Cats Say” Me-ooow


Sh*t Knitters Say … and it’s not “Knit 1, Purl 2.”