Quantum Mirror Invites Viewers to Step Into Their Digital Consciousness

A physical manifestation of the digital world has landed in downtown Chicago. New-media artist Adrian Stein recently unveiled what he describes as the world’s first immersive non-fungible token (NFT) art experience, “Quantum Mirror.” 

Quantum Mirror

“Quantum Mirror” is a 300-square-foot room covered with over 150 mirrored surfaces from floor to ceiling. Visitors step onto a mirrored floor and through a short passage leading to the core of the installation. Three screens at the center of the space display Stein’s digital animations of human figures as soundscapes and resonant frequencies create a meditative atmosphere. The mirrors make a kaleidoscopic effect where the viewer is superimposed on the digital imagery. 

“This work is meant to continue the conversation that Yayoi Kuzama began with her infinity rooms by recontextualizing it into the digital world of artists like Beeple,” said Stein. “As Kuzama’s work encourages the viewer to contemplate their place in the neverending cosmos, ‘Quantum Mirror’ encourages the viewer to contemplate their digital existence within the neverending world online.”

Artist Adrian Stein

Stein’s digital art at the core of the installation can be acquired as NFTs via an online marketplace. NFTs have taken the art world by storm, changing the way artists trade and sell their work. They allow you to buy and sell sole ownership of unique digital items such as songs, image files and even Tweets. Displaying his NFTs within the installation creates an even deeper conversation about the ever-expanding digital environment.  

Experience “Quantum Mirror” for yourself at Artspace 8 through April 20. Tickets are free, but a limited number of people are allowed to visit per hour, so you’ll want to reserve your spot.

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