Winnetka Children’s Fair Celebrates 65 Years of Fun and Family

Tradition. Children. Summer.

For Alexandra Wood, these three words capture the essence of the Winnetka Children’s Fair, which will celebrate its 65th anniversary on Winnetka’s village green on June 10 and 11. As one of this year’s co-chairs, Wood says that she wants this 65th year, like every year, to be about the children and families.

“The fair is about tradition. We have been using the same vendors, equipment, etc., for many years,” Wood says. “For people who like to come to the fair each year, they can count on the same fun experience. They love the rides, the face painting, the prizes, and the games, all of it!”

Wood adds that as an East Coast transplant, she was captivated with the fair when she attended for the first time because she didn’t have anything like it growing up as a child in her hometown. The experience resonated not only with her, but also with her kids.

“Last year when my oldest son, Connor, spotted the first Children’s Fair yard sign on our street, he pointed to it and said, ‘Look Mommy, the Children’s Fair is coming!’ ” Wood recalls. “The look of joy and anticipation on his face was priceless, and the fact that he had only attended the fair once the year prior speaks volumes to the impact it had on him, even at such a young age.”

While the fair has always served as a fundraiser for the Winnetka Community Nursery School, that’s more of a secondary goal to help offset the cost of producing the event, explains Kelly Duff, also a co-chair. The primary goal, she says, is to give back to the community. “The fair has become such a tradition in the community and we look at it as a gift to Winnetka and its families,” Duff says.

Of course, producing and staffing such a huge event takes volunteers, and the nursery school’s board of directors, which is made up of roughly 40 members, helps ensure that everything goes smoothly. This year, Duff says, the board will also look to corporate sponsorships and donations for funding assistance.

“The Fair is a great way to involve the entire community,” Duff says. “It takes about 1,000 volunteers to run the Fair. The majority of these volunteers are living in our community and all come together to provide a unique and special experience for our children.”

To find out how you can be involved, please contact K.C. Simon at [email protected].