Better or Bust: Travel Mug

The dribble of coffee on my cream, dry-clean-only coat was the final straw. I needed a reusable travel mug that didn’t leak, could go in the dishwasher and was BPA free.

All our previous mugs—fancy, stainless steel or cheap, logo’d giveaways—eventually leaked because we throw everything in the dishwasher. (And I consider that a triumph over dirty dishes being left on the counter!)

I tested 6 different mugs. Some claimed to be dishwasher safe, but once I read the fine print, at least one part had to be hand washed. (Busted!)

The winner? This simple to-go mug by Copco gets our “Better” thumbs up. It mimics the paper throwaway one from your favorite coffee shop, but you can reuse it again and again. Top rack dishwasher safe and leak free. Best of all, it’s inexpensive and widely available for about $8.

Better or Bust is our new product-testing feature. What do you want us to test?? Let us know by commenting below.