New in Town: Skokie’s and Evanston’s Blaze of Glory

Get ready for cheesy goodness: Blaze Pizza has opened at Westfield Old Orchard and in Evanston’s downtown. It’s the first made-to-order artisanal pizza, fast-casual joint in our market, sort of the Chipotle of ‘za. The best part? The ovens are so blazing hot that it only takes three minutes to cook. So choose from one of their Signature Pizzas, like the Meat Eater (pepperoni, crumbled meatballs, onion, mozzarella and tomato sauce) or White Top (béchamel, mozzarella, applewood-smoked bacon, garlic, oregano and arugula), or come up with your own concoction. Throw in one of their salads (the Roasted Veggie & Gorgonzola, perhaps) and you’re good to go—just like Blaze Pizza. Abbondanza!

Blaze Pizza
4999 Old Orchard Center

1737 Sherman Ave.

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