5 Delicious Spring Salads

End-of-the-year lunches are a tradition on the North Shore—PTOs, committees, boards—if you’re on it, you’ll be attending a lunch in the next few weeks.

Which means you need a salad that will stand out and hold its own on that buffet table.

We’ve perused our favorite restaurants’ menus, and found the salads we gobble up first to devise these inspirations. Here are 5 great starting points.

Grab a big bowl, chop your ingredients and mix it up.

North Shore Classic

Baby Lettuce + dried cranberries + crumbled blue cheese + glazed walnuts + balsamic vinaigrette

Greek Island

Baby spinach + marinated artichokes + grape tomatoes + feta + red onion + lemon vinaigrette

Chopped Cobb

Boston lettuce + bacon crumbles + cucumber + tomato + avocado + swiss + ranch dressing

Quinoa Crunch

Quinoa + sunflower seeds + chopped dates + chopped red pepper + chickpeas + cilantro + tahini dressing

Asian Chicken

Shredded Nappa cabbage + baby spinach + shredded chicken + scallions + mandarin oranges + ginger-sesame dressing