Favorite Mexican Recipes

All these are easy, family friendly Mexican recipes. Guaranteed to banish the winter blues and transport you to a warmer, sunnier clime—at least for dinner!

Mango Salsa: Forget tomatoes! Mangos will soon be in season and they make a delicious salsa.

Bacon and Tomato Guacamole: From Rick Bayless’ cookbook “Fiesta at Rick’s” the best guacamole you’ll ever make.

Carnitas: Citrusy, smoky pork that’s perfect to tuck into a tortilla and serve with these salsa and guacamole recipes.

Fish Tacos (a.k.a. California Tacos) Recipe: If your kids don’t love fish, call this a California Taco. These originated on the beach in Baja, so could they be any cooler?

Mexican Summer Corn Chowder: Cheat with frozen corn, we won’t tell!