Sarpino’s Pizzeria Announces Launch of First Responders Program to Feed America’s Heroes


Sarpino’s Pizzeria is engrained in the local communities they serve. As the local pizza place of choice for so many communities impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Sarpino’s Pizzeria is proud to announce the official launch of their First Responders Program. The program is designed to serve fresh, free meals to local medical workers, policemen, firemen and more. With local heroes putting their lives on the line every day, Sarpino’s is happy to keep them well fed. As of today, twelve Sarpino’s franchisees have launched their First Responders Program.

Safety contact and the leading Project Manager overseeing the Covid-19 response for Sarpino’s Pizzeria, Tetyana Yermolayeva, explains that everyone who can give back to the heroes of their local community in these trying times can do so through their local Sarpino’s.

Yermolayeva explains saying, “Every participating Sarpino’s allows their customers to donate through their online ordering. They can access the ability to donate directly towards feeding the heroes on the Covid-19 frontlines by utilizing the Donation Covid-19 tab.”

Sarpinos Pizza

Those looking to help the efforts of their local Sarpino’s can do so with every online  order they make. The current list of franchises participating in the First Responders Program includes:

In addition to the First Responders Programs, Sarpino’s has instilled strict guidelines to keep their staff and their customers safe during the global pandemic. Inside the different Sarpino’s franchises, all employees are keeping their distance and following enhanced protective measures. Customers can count on the same gourmet style food through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.


About Sarpino’s:

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