Ultimate Grilling Guide: Tips For A Better BBQ Season

After a very long winter, there’s no better way to celebrate summer in Chicago than lighting up the grill. We’ve rounded up some of our most sizzlin’ BBQ stories to help you have the best grilling season yet.

Better Recipes:

Grilled Vegetables Even Carnivores Will Love

Most vegetables fare well on the grill and between flavorful marinades and spiced-up rubs (find one of each below), the variations are endlessly delicious. Skip the butcher counter and head instead for the farmer’s market for fresh, seasonal choices.

6 Tips for Healthy Grilling

Summer means it’s time to pull off that grill tarp and whip up a batch of homemade burgers. But, before you grab that charcoal and lighter fluid, consider this: According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), cooking foods — specifically meats — at high temperatures on a grill can actually lead to the release of potentially harmful carcinogens known as heterocyclic amines (HCAs). No need to step away from the grill though. We asked CTCA to share their top tips for healthy grilling that will reduce the release of these carcinogens and minimize your exposure. So follow these easy tips and grill on!

Wine Pairings for Summer Grilling

Wondering what libations to serve with your grilled goodies? When you pair wines with BBQ and grilled foods, many of the usual principles of pairing wine and food apply, but being summer, the rules lighten up a bit. It’s time to kick back and relax!

Chicago’s Top Chefs Share Their Favorite Grilling Tips and Recipes

From paella to pork chops, here are five chef-approved recipes to try this summer — along with their go-to pitmaster tips.

4 Grilling Tips From Windy City Smokeout Co-Founder Doug Psaltis 

Unfortunately, Windy City Smokeout with its slew of barbecue, beer, and country music is cancelled this year due to COVID-19. But, you can still enjoy your favorite barbecue recipes at home this summer with these four secrets to summertime grilling from fest co-founder and Bub City chef Doug Psaltis.

Backyard Barbecued Ribs

There are two types of rib-lovers: those who prefer the meat to fall off the bone, and those who like to do a little more work chewing it off. Here is a tried and true recipe that is sure to please any carnivore. 

16 Crowd-Pleasing Side Dish Recipes for Summer Barbecues

Nobody wants to be the guest who brought the boring potato salad that’s left sitting barely eaten on the buffet table when the party’s over. Up your barbecue game with one of these unexpected side dishes that showcase summer’s best flavors. Prepare for lots of recipe requests — and a guaranteed invitation to next year’s cookout.

Better Appliances:

Barbecue Grill: Time to Replace?

Is it time to replace that 20-year-old grill caked in grease, or should you see if you can make it last another year? If your decision tends towards replacement, we’ve put together a helpful guide to all things grill replacement.

Make Your Next Barbecue a Hit with These Grilling Essentials

Sun’s out, buns out — the burger variety, that is. Upgrade your backyard BBQ with these grilling essentials!

Don’t Feel Like Cooking Yourself?

Celebrate National Barbecue Month at 13 of Chicago’s Best Spots

Chicago may not have a nationally recognized barbecue style like the Carolinas, Texas, Memphis and Kansas City do, but these 13 restaurants in the city and ’burbs are churning out authentic finger-licking barbecue fare with their own unique flare. So roll up those sleeves, take a seat, and hunker down to some real-deal smoked meat. 

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