VIDEO: 5 Tips to Create the Perfect Tablescape

Spring is finally here, flowers are blooming, and graduation season is just around the corner.

For your upcoming parties you will probably be considering your table arrangements. Joanne Leiman, owner of FlowersFlowers in Evanston says her clients are branching out and creating “tablescapes,” arrangements that include several decorative elements in addition to the centerpiece.

Leiman gives us five tips to help you create your very own unique tablescape.

1. Incorporate candles. Flowers in a vase along with candles next to several singular flowers next create a soft mood for the table.

2. Go vase-less. Consider placing several flowers without stems on the table next to the centerpiece and candles. 

3. Use texture. “These elements may be spiky; they may be round,” Leiman says. Combine soft elements with more textured flowers to create a contrast.

4. Express your personality. “Flowers can reflect an individual’s personality just like their clothing or the design of their home can,” Leiman says. “The flowers may be more traditional like roses and hydrangeas, or they may be a little bit more contemporary and modern like proteas and orchids.”

5. Get creative. For weddings, Leiman suggests incorporating the wedding favors into the tablescape. “We definitely encourage creativity,” she says.