Home Design Trends for Spring 2018

Before and After: Home Design Trends for Spring 2018

As architects, builders, and remodelers of fine homes in several geographic locations in the U.S., we have a unique view into what is hot and where trends are heading. With interest rates still very low and the stock market at record levels, people are investing in themselves. They feel the desire to continue the family traditions they grew up with, but are tempering unnecessary size and instead desire functionality and finish. No longer opting for the biggest house on the block, they want the “coolest” house. They want to live in a home where their friends and family will gather for holidays and where their children’s friends will like to hang out.

Large Home Remodels

Large home remodels are very popular because people love their neighbors, schools, location, and local amenities. They wish to incorporate the latest design trends, upgraded finishes, and modify the layout for modern living. It is often an economic way to accomplish one’s dream home.

A. Perry Homes Before and After: Exterior
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Customization and fine details are very popular. Our clients have told us that it hasn’t been easy to find what they’re looking for when shopping existing home inventory. There are too many compromises. Tired finishes, impractical layouts, missing amenities, outdated features, and confused designs due to multiple poor renovations are just some of the issues. Clients like their existing home, or certain new neighborhoods so much, that custom is the only way to go.

Sometimes customization addresses a need for clients’ parents who prefer to live with them. Kids activities, interests, and sports commitments will sometimes inspire design elements that are unique to their needs.

Well-placed fine finishes can dramatically impact the feel or livability of a home. Award-winning interior designer Ilene Chase confirms, “Lighting is like the jewelry and accessories to a great outfit. Upgraded finishes elevate the value of their home.”

A. Perry Homes Before and After: dining room
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A. Perry Homes Before and After: family room
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A. Perry Homes Before and After: kitchen
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Forever Homes

A. Perry Homes: porch

“Forever Homes” is a term we use to describe a new home that is sized right for a clients needs and has all of the special features and finishes they desire. Our clients ask for features that aren’t common in current inventory: sport courts, secret doors, luxury outdoor entertaining areas, custom garages for “toys,” garden sheds, screened porches with fireplaces, and wine cellars. These spaces reflect their personality, lifestyles, traditions, passions, and vices.

A. Perry Homes: movie theater

Forever homes are often designed for clients who are at the stage in their life where they can afford fine finishes and don’t intend to move again. The design is flexible, practical, and open. It feels bigger than its size and usually can accommodate long-term guests. Forever Homes are popular since people like to travel, be flexible in their living arrangements, and don’t wish to care for a larger home. Think of a jewel box that is sized right for its valuables, everything has its place, with the finishes fitting of its contents and its owner.

A. Perry Homes: bar
Photo by Matt Mansueto Photography.

Forever Homes often have universal design features that easily accommodate aging in place: first floor master bedrooms, guest master bedrooms, large curb-less showers, accessible storage, and minimal steps.

Finally, we are seeing people incorporate eco-friendly features or products into their Forever Homes to reduce their utility costs, extend the life cycle of systems, address health sensitivities, or be kinder to our environment. Well-placed solar panels, geothermal systems, LED lighting, smart home systems, energy-efficient appliances, and low VOC products are common place.

As with all significant investments, consider retaining a respected, experienced professional to design and build all of the products, trends, and features mentioned here. It is your best value, increases your chance for the best outcome, and the best overall experience.


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