5 Reasons to Restore Your Windows this Summer

If you’re thinking about updating the look of your home, and want to save on your energy bill as well, consider window restoration.

Newly restored windows will do more than just improve the look of your home from the outside; they can lower the risk of water damage and energy bills. The team at Get Dwell explains why this summer might be the time for you to make a small investment to have a big improvement.

    • Preserve your windows’ classic style: “Older windows give the home character, so instead of buying new ones, have the original ones restored,” says Jeff Graham of Get Dwell.
    • Prevent water damage: “Over time, water can seep into your windows,” Graham says.  This can cause damage not only to your windows, but potentially to the inside of your home.
    • Save money: Water damage and air leaking in through your old windows can make your energy bill go through the roof. Having your windows restored before the winter will keep your wallet and your family happy.
    • Improve your home’s look: Windows that are freshly painted will give your entire house a face-lift. A bright paint color can really set your house apart from the other ones on your block.
    • Save yourself the worry: Have your windows restored in a shop instead of inside your home. Having workmen in the house can be stressful, not to mention messy. The team at Get Dwell works on windows at their local Winnetka shop to keep their clients’ homes as clean as possible.

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