6 Favorite Things: Antiques & Garden Fair 2011

This year’s Antiques & Garden Fair at the Chicago Botanic Garden had wonderful displays, (Hellebores and Euphorbias will be popular in gardens this year) and lots of beautiful antique accessories for the garden and home.

Here are our favorite tips and the things that made us anxious for spring gardening!

Edibles and Ornamentals: Kimball & Bean had beautiful displays that mixed lettuce flats and flowers, in a gorgeous informal display that would be easy to replicate in a planter. We love the unfussy and simple look.

Herbal Bouquets: Nancy Kimball was also demonstrating beautiful floral arrangements that combined herbs and flowers. Her trick? Hold the whole thing together with a pipe cleaner. Easier to manipulate than floral wire and keeps the bouquet tight and neat.

Sun Chaise from the 50s: Who says sun protection can’t be fun? This chaise borders on the kitschy, but that’s why we love it. If you can’t have some fun in the summer, when can you? $1950

Catfish Weathervane:
Forget the rooster and go for the catfish. Michael Whittemore brought this and more folk art up from Punta Gorda, Florida. This antique is from the 1920s. $6900

Modern Sheep: Not everything was antique. This artistic sheep is for the whimsical gardener who wants a modern garden. Jeffrey Beal Henkel’s store in Pennington, NJ is the source for this look. $950

Bird Bath Planter: Rustic, but still sophisticated and the flowers mean you don’t have to worry about changing the water. This was at Parrett/Lich, Inc.’s booth, but you can visit them in Georgetown, Indiana. $595

Recycled and Upcycled: An old balcony was remade into a console and two side tables. Perfect for outdoor entertaining, especially if you’re wicker-adverse! Console $1995, side tables $1495 for pair