6 Ways to Glam Up Your Home

A touch of glamour can take a well-appointed home from tasteful to enchanting. Edyta Czajkowska, a North Shore designer and glam-expert known for her chic interiors, defines glamour as “a luxurious and alluring take on something otherwise ordinary.”

“I love crafting glamorous rooms…they can become delightful environments for people to experience,” she says. With the hopes of making our ordinary abodes extraordinarily stylish, we asked Czajkowska to share her tips for adding a subtle dose of glamour to dazzling effect.

Choose Luxe Textiles 

Textiles offer the perfect opportunity to up your glam game. Czajkowska sources sumptuous fabrics like velvets, silks and linens from around the world to create custom furniture, drapery and accent pillows that add decadence to everyday pieces.

Upgrade Your Art

Trade in those run-of-the-mill framed IKEA prints for some original art that really speaks to you. Grand artwork need not cost a grand (or likely much more); there are dozens of resources—from Etsy to Art.com—where you can source original pieces for low prices. To go for the glam, Czajkowska says to choose art that is “fabulous and captivating.”


Crown Your Home With Chandeliers

Think of light fixtures like jewelry for your home—the right piece can make the whole outfit. So bring on the bling with a statement chandelier that Czajkowska says can completely transform a space. For a look that is “classic luxe,” Czajkowska recommends “a sparkly chandelier with softer lines in brass or chrome.” Or, try something sculptural for a masculine take on glam.


Choose a Rug That Feels Good

A great rug is capable of many things—anchoring a room, delineating spaces, and introducing color and warmth. But Czajkowska encourages taking it a step further by investing in a rug that is a pleasure to both the eyes and the feet. A deliciously tactile, plush rug is the ultimate in luxury and will make your room feel as good as it looks.

Make Accessories Meaningful

Tchotchkes are decidedly glamour-less, but Czajkowska says a thoughtful arrangement of meaningful accessories can “add soul and a bit of whimsy to a space.” Whether they’re quietly seductive or boldly beguiling, the items in your home should say something. Czajkowska suggests a sprinkling of interesting “objets d’art” with stories to tell.

Add Some Sparkle

All that glitters is glam, according to Czajkowska. She suggests adding some sparkle with crystal, Lucite or metallic finishes to glamourize your dwelling. The eye-catching glimmer of gilded wallpaper is glitzy but understated, and wraps the room in an ethereal glow.