Finding a Reliable Contractor for Spring Projects

It’s a good news/bad news deal in the spring. While it’s the perfect time to get projects done—everyone else is trying to book contractors and get their house painted, decks cleaned and gutters cleared—at the same time.

According to Roger Castino, owner of Castino Painting and Home Services, spring is by far the busiest time for his 35-year-old business, but he advises people to do their due diligence before choosing a contractor just because they happen to be available.

“The big thing people do wrong is to hire the wrong service,” Castino explains. “There are so many fly-by-night knuckleheads out there who are uninsured, and we’ve got stories where those kinds of people will take the client’s deposit and then never show up.”

If you don’t plan to make the changes yourself, ask friends to recommend reliable contractors or use Make It Better’s Better List, the Better Business Bureau or a paid listing service like Angie’s List.

The good news is, there’s still time to freshen up your home in time for spring. And one thing’s for sure: Tackling home issues now will help ensure this isn’t the summer of your discontent.

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