Should You Remodel Your Home or Build New

Listen to insider tips from award-winning homebuilder Orren Pickell.

Deciding whether to leave where you live and build a custom home or renovate and remodel what you have can be an emotional struggle. On the other hand, if you don’t like where you live, the decision can be easy. “If your home looks great from the street and you love it, that’s a big plus,” says Orren Pickell, the president and chief operating officer of Orren Pickell Building Group. “The tried and true method of achieving your goals and making your house better is not necessarily to move away from it but to renovate or remodel.”

If you do decide to stay put, it’s important to tell your renovation team exactly what you like and what you don’t like. Pickell urges clients to share every pro and con about the house. “Tell them what things bother you, what needs to be fixed, and what your dreams are,” he says.

One way to cover all your bases is to go from room to room. Is the garage right? What about the closets, great room, and kitchen? Asking questions from a livability standpoint will help you—and the team—create a plan that’s cost effective and one that helps you achieve your goals. Sometimes the questions are tough. “If we have to do too much to accommodate the changes,” says Pickell, “the cost of doing so may not be worth it.”

If, however, you love your location and can reinvent your home, it makes sense to keep what you have and make it the best that it can be.

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