Park Place: A Private Oasis in Highland Park

Interior design firm Cannon Frank helps a busy couple create a relaxing retreat on the edge of a forest in Highland Park.

When one couple purchased a contemporary 4-bedroom home on a forested setting in Highland Park, they hired interior designers John Cannon and Cary Frank, of Cannon Frank, to help them remodel the home. Their goal? To create a retreat where they could relax and unplug.

“Our clients wanted a casual and comfortable home that would blend with their woodland setting and a sanctuary where they could get away from their busy professionallives,” Cannon explains. “This home was created for privacy and harmony with nature.”


The 6,500-square-foot home features high ceilings, large windows with views of the surrounding woods and casual contemporary furnishings.


With the help of architect, Marvin Herman, the designers also incorporated a 1,500-square-foot addition, which includes a master bedroom and an office/exercise room. “Marvin Herman was very cognizant of the original architecture and we have worked well together before,” Cannon says.


For the interior design, the designers selected a color palette taken from the natural setting. “We used slate blues and khaki colors to blend silks, satins, mohair and woven textures with earthy woods, and stone to create a multi-layered complexion,” Cannon says.


“Most of the pieces are contemporary, yet very comfortable, with rich textiles—not patterns—to help promote a feeling of relaxation and a connection to nature.” Indeed, the eclectic mix of furnishings includes a chaise lounge and long lounging sofas, which commingle seamlessly with large textured tables, Asian artifacts and the clients’ art collection. “We wanted to be very eclectic with our selections, but to add to the sense that this is an art museum of contemporary furnishings,” Cannon says.


The home’s sandblasted, acidwashed marble floor adds to the museum-like feeling, but the surface was chosen for its practicality as well as for its clean aesthetic. “The finish is a very textured white floor, which shows no dirt or stains,” Cannon says. For the home’s carpeted areas, the designers selected natural-dyed Tibetan or leather rugs “to keep things earthy and natural.”

According to the designers, the interiors reflect the owners’ personalities well. “Think sophisticated people with bare feet, casual clothing and comfortable lifestyles walking along the beach with a glass of wine and their dog, while following the grandkids on a treasure hunt,” he says.

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Photos by Tony Soluri