Three Spring Spruce Ups

Jeff Hester, vice president of Hester Painting & Decorating, has three suggestions to make any home look spring-ready on short notice.  He’s calling them the “Three Spring Spruce Ups.”

Door Makeover: The front door sets the mood of your home. Consider fresh paint in a new color to make your entry warm and inviting for your guests.

Cabinet Refinishing: Ripping out cabinets makes a mess. If your kitchen and bathroom need a boost, refinish the cabinets instead of replacing them to save time and money.

Baseboard and Trim Redo: Show these areas a little TLC. It will do wonders for the entire room.

Whether you’re looking for that “spring clean” feeling or need to get ready for a home sale, any one or all of these tips can make a difference.

These tips are courtesy of Hester Painting & Decorating.