11 Mudroom Must-Haves for a Clutter-Free Home

Restoration Hardware Metropolitan Railway Inline Chandelier

The mudroom (or entryway, as the case may be in your house) is arguably the most high-traffic area of the home, yet it is often one of the most overlooked when it comes to design. Give some thought to your family’s mudroom needs — Does sports gear need to be corralled? Do you need a central location to display your packed calendar? Are shoes and mobile devices constantly cluttering the living room? Whatever your trouble spots are, your mudroom is your first line of defense against disorganization. Here are some of the chicest — and most useful — items to turn your mudroom into the organizing workhorse of your home.

Bench With Drawers

A spot to sit down and slip off your boots, with hidden storage for winter gloves, scarves and hats (or whatever else you need to stash!) — this stylish piece does double duty in the mudroom. $599-999, Pottery Barn

Home: Pottery Barn

Apple Crates

Think of these shabby-chic wooden apple crates as an updated version of the ubiquitous wicker basket — perfect for collecting odds and ends (before they become clutter!). $49, West Elm

Home: West Elm

Leather All-in-One Charging Station

Want to keep the whole family’s electronic devices away from the dinner table and charged for the next day? Set up this handsome charging station in the mudroom, and tell everyone to leave smartphones at the door and “check in” to family time. $200, Great Useful Stuff

Home: Great Useful Stuff

Shoe Storage Cabinet

Putting away shoes is less of a chore when you have a fashionable spot to stow them. This slender cabinet keeps 20 pairs of shoes out of sight. $265, Wayfair

Home: Wayfair shoe storage cabinet

Galvanized Wall Organizer

Don’t let bills, permission slips and receipts pile up on the kitchen counter. Keep them organized in this industrial-chic three-pocket wall organizer. Mount this stylish space-saver close to the door as a visual reminder to grab important documents on your way to the car. $30, Target 

Home: Target wall organizer

Estia Umbrella Stand

The most beautiful homes have pops of luxury in unexpected places. Give your mudroom a bit of understated glamor with this Italian ceramic umbrella stand. $990, Saks Fifth Avenue

Home: Saks Fifth Avenue umbrella holder

Cast Iron Leash Holder

Even your four-legged family members should have a designated spot for their things (otherwise they’ll end up cluttering the living space, just like the kids’ stuff). These adorable dog tail hooks are perfect for hanging leashes, waste bags, doggie sweaters and anything else you might need for a walk. $30, Plow & Hearth

Home: Plow & Hearth leash holder

Calendar Chalkboard

Sure, your Google calendar is where the heavy lifting of coordinating your family’s schedule takes place. But, marking the most important dates on this cute calendar chalkboard (hung strategically in the mudroom) will help to keep them top of mind all month long. $41, Wayfair 

Home: Wayfair calendar chalkboard

Copper Boot Tray

Don’t let winter slush make a mess of your floors. Even wet boots won’t be an eyesore when they’re perched on this pretty copper tray. $35, Crate & Barrel

Home: Crate & Barrel copper boot tray

Damn Good Doormats

Lift the spirits of all who cross your threshold with a quirky doormat that makes people smile as it prevents them from tracking dirt into your house. Choose from hundreds of designs to expresses your heritage, your outlook on life or your sense of humor. $45, Damn Good Doormats

Home: Damn Good Doormats

Metropolitan Railway Inline Chandelier

An ornate chandelier would look out of place in a mudroom, but that doesn’t mean the lighting should be an afterthought. This aluminum and steel fixture is stylish, but the industrial look makes sense in a utilitarian part of the home. $449, Restoration Hardware

Home: Restoration Hardware light

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