4 Organizer-Approved Products for Spring Cleaning

Guide to an Organized Home

It’s the beginning of spring (or so the calendar says), which means it’s time to get organized. Are you feeling overwhelmed yet?

With so many products filling the shelves of so many stores, it can be hard to know where to start. But before you start shopping, assess your home. “Do not buy products until you know what you need,” says Lisa Gruchot, professional organizer at A Place to Start. “It’s very important to go through the sorting process before putting organizational pieces in place. This saves time and money.”

It’s also important to know what to avoid. “Beware of gimmicky things,” Gruchot says. “Fun and colorful does not mean functional.”

When you are ready to start shopping, look for these four products recommended by local organizers:

No-Slip Space-Saving Hangers

Both Gruchot and Linda Goldman, certified professional organizer® with Altogether Organized, recommend these hangers, agreeing that they actually maximize the space in your closet (who doesn’t want that?). Plus, their velvety finish keeps clothes from slipping onto the floor.


Clear Storage Containers 

“These boxes come in various sizes and are great for a variety of items, and since they are clear you won’t forget what you stored in them,” Goldman says. Gruchot adds that her clients often believe a clear color will make things look messy, when in fact the opposite is true. Using a dark color is like “loading a black hole,” Gruchot says, because you can’t see what is behind them.


M by Staples™ Arc Customizable Notebook System

If your home or office is filled with half-used notebooks, Goldman recommends this customizable system that allows you to tear out pages and put them back in later. “Another feature is that you can add and label dividers to the spiral,” Goldman says. “This allows you to categorize and maintain notes for different projects/subjects all in one binder. Also, you can further customize the binder by adding options like a calendar, a pouch for pens/ pencils, business card holders and special papers for project planning, to-do lists, etc.”


Archival Photo Storage Box 

Are you in the midst of a move and realizing you never got around to placing your photos in albums? Claudia McLaughlin, founder of CMF Transitional Organization, recommends these boxes for organizing photos before you are finished packing. You’ll then be able to place your photos in albums when you have more time to actually enjoy the process.


Whatever you end up buying, don’t give up, even if you do feel overwhelmed. “A lot of people strive for perfection and they get stuck,” Gruchot says. “Before you shop, let yourself know this is a process and it’s OK to start without getting it perfect.”