Back-to-School Supplies for Grown-Ups

Kids are heading back to school, but adults who have been stuck in offices all summer deserve some new supplies, too.

Some of the following products will make your job easier while others will simply update your space and help you get organized. Either way, you’ll be in the right frame of mind to ace the rest of the fiscal year.

The iPad Pen, $170 

If you’re not a fan of (or still haven’t mastered) typing on your iPad, use this stylus the next time you have an important meeting. Your notes will be saved as a JPG, so you can edit them later and share with coworkers.


Leuchtturm1917 Notebooks, $11-33

Still relish the feel of pen on paper? Try this notebook, which comes with labels, an empty table of contents, page numbers, a pocket and eight perforated sheets. Choose the type of cover and size you want before selecting the color and type of ruling. Plus, the paper is bleed proof, so grab any writing instrument you want.


Livescribe Smartpens, $120-200

Speaking of writing instruments, this pen is a cut above the rest. Simply take notes on Livescribe’s dot paper and your words will be transported to your phone, tablet or desktop. Livescribe offers three smartpens: Livescribe 3, Sky Wifi and Echo. Each pen offers different features, so find out which one works best for you here.


iPad Flash Drive, $170 

Between iPhones, iPads and computers, it can be hard keeping work files all together. That’s where this flash drive comes into play. The retailer claims that this is the only flash drive that transfers files from a computer to an iPad or iPhone, so next time you’re out of the office, make sure this is in your bag.


Tory Burch for Fitbit, $38-195

Sure, you no longer have to sweat through a required gym class, but that doesn’t mean fitness needs to go out the window. Dress up your Fitbit for the office with these bracelets and pendant necklaces from Tory Burch. Getting in shape with a fitness tracker has never been so stylish!


momAgenda, $19-145 

Just because your kids’ schedules have gone into overdrive doesn’t mean yours has slowed down at all. Keep track of both important meetings and soccer practices with this agenda, specifically built with moms in mind.


Kate Spade Bow Push Pins, $24

Keep track of all those important papers from both school and work with these adorable bow pushpins. With 24 in each package, you’ll have plenty for your bulletin board at home and at work.


Thought For the Day, $16  

Ever find that you need a pick-me-up after a rough commute to work or an afternoon meeting? While you might first reach for a latte, enjoy these inspirational messages, too. There’s one for every day of the year.


Never Give Up Poster, $10-20

This geometric poster is another great way to stay motivated and brighten your office space. You can even choose your colors and size, so it’s sure to jibe with your current décor. Plus, you’ll be supporting a local Etsy shop.


Gold Foil Confetti Lucite Tray, $32-60

Add some sparkle to your desk with this tray from another Chicago Etsy shop. Not only will you update your space, but you’ll also have a chic way to stay organized.