Better or Bust: Great Baking Gadgets

We recently discovered two gadgets that will simplify your baking: a cupcake corer, and the “scoop and sift,” both from Cuisipro.

Getting to the Core
We all know elaborate cupcakes are all the rage, and if you’re not hiding a caramel, ganache or buttercream surprise in the center, well, you’re just not keeping up with the Joneses. The cupcake corer makes hollowing out the center of a cupcake easy: Just twist it down into the cake, and pull out a clean cylinder. If the cake is sticky, it may take a little coaxing, but a paring knife will do the trick. Awesome. And it’s even dishwasher safe!

Sift with Ease
You might have a sifter that has a hand crank to push the flour down into it. The “scoop and sift” makes it even easier: the flour scoop fits right into the bag, making it easy to transfer ingredients, and it has a single-hand trigger on it, which moves a sturdy rake inside the scoop, pushing the flour through. Keep squeezing the trigger quickly, and your flour will be sifted in no time. Again, better, and dishwasher safe! We love it!