Get Organized Before Summer Starts

School is almost out, so this is your last chance to give your home the thorough spring cleaning it deserves before there are a bevy of extra bodies in the way.

Follow these tips from Tory Day, a proprietor of the local company Creative Organization Solutions, and you’ll be ready for summer.

Make a plan: Walk around your home with a notepad and write down all the things you would like to accomplish, Day recommends.

Break it down: Clean out one closet or cabinet at a time. That way, you’ll have a greater sense of accomplishment and the motivation to tackle the next project.

A few places to start:

Sort through individual/family toy chests for broken toys, games with missing pieces, etc. These items can probably be tossed without much notice from the kids.

Assess dresser drawers for summer clothes that have been outgrown or worn out. Store some of these discards in the garage as pullovers for messy outdoor art projects or gardening.

Hit the pantry for school snacks that didn’t go over well, the dried up arts and crafts supplies, etc. Packaged food that hasn’t expired can be delivered to local food pantries.

Prepare your pool/beach bag. Head to the mud room or back closet and take stock of your summer staples. Throw your bag in the wash, check the goggles for wear and tear, toss expired sunscreen and replace it with a fresh supply. Check the beach towels, and head to Target or HomeGoods if you need a few new ones.

That stack of schoolwork has got to go. When the kids come home with the garbage bag of goods, meet them with one of your own. Save any supplies that are reusable and place those, along with their clean gym uniforms in the backpack and store it for the summer.

Get the kids involved: “When you teach your kids to become more organized, they feel empowered,” Day says. Once you’ve eliminated the broken or otherwise unusable possessions, your kids can determine if there are items they no longer want or need. Then it’s time to donate.