10 Quick Organization Tips for a Better Bathroom

Our bathroom is where we primp and unwind, but once cluttered with cosmetics and toiletries, it becomes more of a mess than a refuge.

It’s time to make your space work better for you. “My belief is that bathrooms, along with bedrooms, should be treated and used as sacred spaces that serve as an escape from the outside world,” says North Shore interior designer Sarah Dippold. “Because of this, organization in a bathroom is key.”

Put It On Display

  • Make everyday items like cotton balls and Q-tips accessible and aesthetically pleasing by placing them in glass canisters. Less attractive items like toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash and shaving cream should be kept in drawers and cabinets.
  • Open shelves look more attractive with natural-colored woven baskets or decorative boxes. Fill these with rolled hand towels and washcloths.

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn. Click here for full product details and pricing.


  • Dippold suggests using trays to arrange frequently used pieces. “Items grouped together on trays can be a beautiful feature in a bathroom,” she says. “I love to group lotions and creams with a small floral arrangement or succulent plant on stone or wood trays right on the counter. In this case, less is definitely more! Decorative boxes made of anything natural are another winner for storage on the counter-top.”

Put It Away  

  • Sort through old products and toss expired makeup. Don’t hold onto things you really aren’t going to use.
  • Use caddies or bins to organize items in your cabinets. For instance, group manicure essentials in one caddy so when you want to do your nails, you can just pull out the caddy. Bins can be found in an array of styles and materials including jute, rattan, metal and woven fibers. Here you can store larger items like your hairdryer or toilet paper.  
  • Purchase trays or dividers (The Container Store, $7-18) in different sizes to store cosmetics, hair ties, and other small items. Designate a drawer for dental products, another for makeup, and so on.


  • Store your curling iron or straightening iron on hooks or a hair-styling rack (Organize-It, $8) attached to the inside of your cabinets.
  • Purchase magnetic strips at a hardware store and adhere them to the inside of your medicine cabinet. You can attach small metal items like tweezers, nail clippers and bobby pins.

Add Something Living  

  • “Incorporating live plants always works wonders as a finishing touch in a space,” Dippold says. “You can display mineral specimens, coral and fossils to add interest and beauty. Cultivating a calm and peaceful space in your bathroom is such a great gift to yourself.”

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn. Click here for full product details and pricing.