Your Next House: Combining High Design with High Performance, Low Carbon and Low Stress

Architecture, at its best, combines art and technology.

At NextHaus Alliance®, the homes we design and build marry beauty, energy efficiency and comfort to give our clients high design and high performance with low carbon and low stress.

Photo by AJ Brown Imaging.

Crafted to be sustainable, resilient and healthy, a NextHaus home is graceful, elegant, designed for you and the environment — and, above all, unlike any other home. Think of an ultra-high performance electric car, combining beauty and low maintenance with a luxury experience.

The NextHaus team consists of award-winning architecture firm Kipnis Architecture and Planning, Barrett’s Technology Solutions, Berliant Builders Inc., interior designers Janet McCann and Lauren Coburn, and Hursthouse Landscape Architects. We have assembled a talented, experienced and driven team that seamlessly works together to help you achieve your goals.

Photo by AJ Brown Imaging.

The NextHaus team utilizes renewable energy sources and smart energy models, with fully electric homes that feature tight perimeter shells to increase energy efficiency and promote healthy air quality. Operational systems and building materials are designed for low carbon emissions, and they are equipped to handle whatever the evolving climate throws at them. A home designed by NextHaus is good for you, and good for the planet.

Kipnis Architecture + Planning.

It’s an integrated experience that leads to a beautiful home that performs efficiently and suits your lifestyle — high design, high performance and high satisfaction.

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