9 Cheap Makeup Tricks that Work Wonders

Who doesn’t love a cheap thrill? Here are 9 beauty secrets that are easy on the pocketbook and really work!

1. Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo
Baby shampoo gently cleans your makeup brushes, which should be done at least every month—if not weekly—to eliminate bacteria and oil. Pour a dime size amount of shampoo in your hand, add a little water, and swish the brush around. Then rinse and lay flat to dry.

2. Baby Sunscreen
Baby sunscreen has the same active ingredients as expensive sunscreen and none of the extras that can irritate your skin. Plus, it’s cheaper than “grown-up” sunscreen.

3. Vaseline
Vaseline is a must-have as it cures many beauty blunders. Rub it on cracked feet and then put on a pair of socks. The socks will lock in the moisture leaving your feet smooth.

When applying self-tanner, put Vaseline on dry spots like your elbows and knees to avoid knees and elbows that look dirty.

4. ChapStick
ChapStick does more than just keep your lips soft. A few swipes of a lip balm conditions your cuticles. Dabbed on a shaving knick or paper-cut, it will soothe your skin and help it heal.

If you dye your own hair, apply lip balm around your hairline to prevent staining your skin.

5. Lipstick
If you need a little extra color on your face and don’t have any blush on hand, substitute lipstick. Press a few dabs on the apples of your cheeks, rub it in with your fingers, and you’ve got instant cream blush!

6. Clear Mascara
Clear mascara from the drugstore helps tame unruly brows.

7. Queen Helene Mint Julep Facial Mask
Don’t let the price fool you. This is the most refreshing face mask and it works! The mask reduces blackheads, shrinks pores, works great on pimples overnight, and leaves your face feeling clean. You can find it at Ulta or Walgreens for a mere $3.99.

But, beware: Use it sparingly or you’ll dry out your skin.

8. White Eyeliner

Buy an inexpensive white pencil liner from the drugstore. After applying your eye makeup, carefully run the white liner along the inside of your lower lash-line. It will immediately make your eyes pop.

9. Witch Hazel
Witch hazel is found in aftershave lotion and hemorrhoid cream which is good to keep in mind when choosing a hemorrhoid cream. Look for this important ingredient. It’s a perfect toner and also reduces puffiness and redness.