A Friend for Life

What a difference one true friend can make.  And how lonely life can feel without one.

Breaking into the North Shore—which appears to be populated by families with deep roots and wide circles of friends—can be challenging.  I’m a good example of this.

For years—not just months—after arriving here, I yearned for just one true girlfriend and to feel more connected to the beautiful community I saw around me. (We didn’t join a church, which exacerbated this problem.)

Real friendships finally formed over the heads of my preschool and school-age children. I bonded with other mothers during play dates and through the parent and school network.


Those mothers became my friends for life.  One of them is Meryl Lipton, M.D., Ph.D., a pediatric neurologist and former teacher who founded the Rush Neurobehavioral Center for Children.

The only thing more painful than not having your own friend is watching your child struggle to make one. I’ve learned a lot about this from Meryl over the years. She specializes in the social struggles that some children face.

Meryl and I are hosting “The Social Life Of Children – A Community Conversation for Parents” at The Book Stall in Winnetka, for Meryl to provide tips and for parents to network with each other over a glass of wine and through helpful books, including:

How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies: A Book That Takes the Nuisance Out of Name Calling and Other Nonsense, Kate Cohen-Posey

Teaching Your Child the Language of Social Success, M. Duke, S. Nowicki, & E. Martin.

How Rude!: The Teenagers’ Guide to Good Manners, Proper Behavior, and Not Grossing People Out Alex J. Packer

Good Friends Are Hard to Find: Help Your Child Find, Make, and Keep Friends, Fred Frankel

Raise Your Child’s Social IQ: Stepping Stones to People Skills for Kids, Cathi Cohen

If you worry about your child’s social life, or if you would like the opportunity to visit with parents who are concerned about their children, I hope that you will join us.

Thursday, November 11
The Book Stall at Chestnut Court, 811 Elm St., Winnetka
7-9 p.m.

To RSVP, please call Ryan at 847-256-4642 or Register Online.

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