A is for Aphrodisiac

Life gets cozy in autumn. Shorter days and longer nights make for more snuggle time, and what’s better for one’s mental and physical well-being than a little skin-to-skin time with a willing partner?

Sounds lovely, but we all know that life in a busy family is not exactly sexy, and distractions abound in the evening hours. Want to turn off the TV and pump up the intimacy? Just look in your kitchen.

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that certain foods contributed to a robust libido, and modern research has shown that some popular aphrodisiacs actually do contain vitamins and minerals that stimulate sex hormones.

So use the following list as your guide to spice up dinner, dessert or a late-night snack with your main squeeze. Who knows? What worked for Aphrodite might do the trick for you!

Almonds – Contain vitamin E and magnesium, and have an aroma with great arousal qualities. Samson enticed Delilah with these luscious treats.

Asparagus – Graceful form, and lots of vitamins A and C. Boil it or steam it, but don’t roast it to a shriveled state.

Banana – Creamy texture, potassium, vitamin B, and a lovely phallic shape—it has everything.

Berries – Red for passion, vitamin C for fighting impotence. Perfect for popping in one another’s mouth.

Carrots – Especially potent for men, with beta-carotene for all.

Caviar – High in zinc, maybe better than Cialis?

Celery – Seeds and stalks contain the male hormone androsterone. More potent than a pheromone spray.

Champagne – The quintessential love potion, but don’t overindulge, or warm glow might fade into big sleep.

Chocolate – So filled with stimulants that it is rumored to have been banned from monasteries centuries ago.

Chili Pepper – Fire on all cylinders with capsaicin.

Figs – Cleopatra’s favorite, this oh-so-succulent fruit is sometimes thrown at weddings instead of rice to promote fertility.

Mustard – Rub, eat or plaster it to get the adrenaline going.

Oysters – High in testosterone-producing zinc, they slide right down.

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