Acne Busters for Boys

We love the summertime: sun, shore, strolling, sleeveless clothing, shorts and plenty of sweet, thirst-quenching treats. But we loathe the sweat, and the acne that it can produce.

“Unfortunately, sweat often mixes with oil and dirt on the skin, which clogs the pores and may cause blemishes,” explains Northbrook dermatologist, Steven Mandrea, M.D. And while women are very comfortable treating pimples in public, our teenage sons— well, not so much. To the rescue, 4 ways to host an acne intervention privately, quietly and without any PDA (from Mom).

Zap the Zit:
Guys love gadgets, gizmos, gear; the Zeno Hot Spot will be his new best bud. It’s a small, handheld and battery-operated blemish-clearing device that uses safe and gentle heat to kill the bacteria that causes pimples. Just push the little button—a tone will go off, signaling the treatment has begun—and hold it in place for about two minutes until the signal goes off again, letting you know the zit is zapped. The blemish begins going bye-bye in just 1 hour.

Book a “Cool With Dudes” Derm:
Getting your son to see a doctor is like asking your husband to go for a physical—it’s almost impossible. But if you choose a dermatologist carefully and delicately, chances are your son will want to continue seeing him or her. Since skin is such a personal issue, it’s important to pick a derm that specializes in adolescent care, like Dr. Mandrea. To find a great doc in your neighborhood, call your insurance provider or pediatrician, or visit the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) site.

Find a Facial (for him):
Pampering has universal appeal, believe it or not. And your son may actually enjoy some TLC from someone other than his mother. One spa that moms adore, given the strong focus on and expertise about teen skin: Olga’s Day Spa in Highland Park, where teenage facials are all the rage. Bonus: Olga’s Day Spa has a line of skincare just for teens to boot, too.

Snag a Spray:
Binaca made a bang in the ‘80s for killing bad breath. Restore Sprayology Acne Tonic is soon to do the same for pimples. It is formulated to treat and prevent acne, as well as reduce inflammation and soothe redness. The spray includes 16 natural ingredients to treat infected pimples and relieve skin sensitivity. Simply spritz two times under the tongue, three times a day.