Apple iPad: Delicious Details

Between the Smartphone and the Laptop Lies the iPad.

Yesterday Steve Jobs announced a new category of portable computing: the Apple iPad based on software that powers Apple’s iPhone. Watch the Stevenote.

Apple’s Official iPad Video
The adjective, hyperbole, and superlative riddled Apple iPad video is now up for all the world to see. Watch iPad Video.

The Unfortunately Named iPad
MadTV’s 2006 skit about a fictional Apple iPad takes on unexpected relevance after today’s launch of – well – the Apple iPad. Watch MadTV’s iPad Skit.

Videos of the Apple iPad in Action
The iPad is scheduled to go on sale as soon as this March (WiFi models) and April (3G models). Apple made it available to reporters yesterday. Watch iPad in Action.

Apple iPad More Underwhelming Than “Magical”?
Reporters and editors from Newsweek, PCWorld, Macworld, CrunchGear, and others were underwhelmed by the iPad. Find Out Why.

If You Love the iPhone, You’ll Love the iPad
MG Siegler is one of the few people in the world, outside of Apple, who has extensively played with Apple’s new iPad. He loves it. Here’s Why.