Avoiding the Winter Blues

As Midwesterners we’re no strangers to layering up on clothes and trekking in knee-deep snow. It’s made us tougher in the winter and more appreciative in the summer. But we’ll admit, those frigid months from November to (let’s be honest) April, can wear us down.

So what should you do to avoid those dreary winter blues? Get a glimpse of spring at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show!

Gardener or not, the annual event is a treat for everyone. The Chicago Flower & Garden Show, presented by Mariano’s, will soon take over the giant Festival Hall of Navy Pier—filling it with 25+ life-sized gardens, daily culinary demonstrations, floral workshops and educational seminars. Fun for all ages, the show has a kids’ activity garden that includes potting parties, worm composting, crafts and an insect petting zoo!

If you are a new or experienced gardener, the show is a wonderful place to find inspiration and learn from industry professionals. There you can meet and talk with the best in horticulture and discover exciting ways to improve your garden. Whether it’s a window planter, rooftop garden or backyard—you’ll leave feeling refreshed and motivated. And don’t forget, our marketplace is also booming with vendors and services to help make your green space thrive.

Cabin fever no longer! Get out of the house and start looking forward to the warmer days of spring with your trip to the Chicago Flower & Garden Show.

Buy tickets and learn more at chicagoflower.com