Better Chicago’s October Dog of the Month: Rosie

Meet a rescue pup in Edgewater who doesn’t let her one eye stop her, is best friends with a robot vacuum, and is the life of the party.

Who: Rosie

Better Chicago Dog of the Month Rosie the One Eyed Pup
Photo courtesy of Eliza Poznanski.

About: A curious and adventurous 5-month-old female lab mix

Lives In: Edgewater, with her mom Eliza Poznanski, Communications and Media Relations Manager at Chicago Children’s Museum

Follow: On Instagram at @rosietheoneeyedpup

How did you & Rosie find each other?

“I adopted Rosie from Wright-Way Rescue in Morton Grove. I went in to meet Rosie during Fourth of July weekend. I fell in love instantly but wanted to take the day to think through this HUGE decision. I wasn’t able to stop thinking about the little pup, so I went in the next day to adopt. Rosie had been adopted right after I left the day before — I was heartbroken. Fast forward a few days later and I learned that the family changed their minds and brought Rosie back. I went to Wright-Way immediately after I heard this news and we’ve been inseparable ever since!”

How did Rosie lose her eye? Does she have any special tricks or traits that help her navigate with one eye?

“Rosie lost her eye from scabies — a skin condition caused by a burrowing mite. Her eye became infected as a result of the condition and the vet thought it would be best to remove it. But the best thing about pups — they don’t feel sorry for themselves. They simply accept the situation and move on. Rosie’s adapted just fine and is as cheery and rambunctious as any other pup! She’ll bump her head from time to time, but I’m sure that has just as much to do with her being an energetic, clumsy pup as it does with her having one eye.”

Better Chicago October Dog of the Month Rosie
Photo courtesy of Eliza Poznanski.

What does Rosie love most?

“Rosie enjoys following the robot vacuum around the entire apartment. Rosie has a favorite spot she relaxes in under the couch, but when she hears her snack drawer opening, she runs right over, every time!”

How did you decide on Rosie’s name?

“When I first met Rosie at the shelter, I took a video of her and I playing. Watching the video later on, I realized I had accidentally called her Rosie (the shelter named her Easter.) We decided to stick to Rosie and it couldn’t be a better fit!”

Does Rosie have any quirks or funny traits?

“Rosie’s one eye can’t stop her! She’s the most curious and adventurous little pup there is. Rosie steals the hearts of everyone she meets. She’s the life of the party, and she knows it too.”


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What do you love to do in Chicago together?

“Rosie loves playing on the beach and making new friends! She also enjoys playing with her doggy cousins Olivia and Gucci on the weekends.”

Can you tell us a funny story?

“On Rosie’s first trip to the pet store, she grabbed a sloth plush toy right off the rack! She’s chewed up every single toy she’s ever had, except that one. Rosie keeps her sloth in mint condition and loves to snuggle on the couch with it!”


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How will you celebrate her Better Chicago Dog of the Month feature?

“With Rosie’s favorite treat: a peanut butter-filled Kong!”


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