Diary of a Diet

We gave up vanilla yogurt, cooked food and potato chips. We counted calories and points, measured cereal and suffered some hunger pangs and cravings.

But we are slimmer!

Not a “The Biggest Loser” slimmer, but reasonably lighter. We tried five diets:

  • Seattle Sutton
  • Raw
  • Weight Watchers
  • Sugar Busters
  • Lose It!

Each had its pros and cons.

Seattle Sutton was definitely the easiest. You eat only their delivered food and our two testers, Sandra and Bev raved about the diet and lost weight eating.

Raw was the hardest. Jessica (pictured at top) aimed for 70 percent raw, so she had cooked “cheats” programmed into her day. Meghan ate nothing cooked for two weeks, and let’s just say, it was a little stressful.

Weight Watchers (Ann Marie‘s diet of choice) is practical and supportive. It’s not a diet, but a philosophy of eating that should stay with you for a lifetime.

Julie and Mindy (pictured with her Twizzlers and beverage of choice) had a hard time sticking with Sugar Busters. Nothing over 3 grams of sugar per serving? Tough.

Lose It! was fun for about a day. But Laura got tired of entering her data and Susan never got how to work her Droid-app version. This one is for people who love technology and really value tracking their food and calories.

The best part of the diets? Reading everyone’s comments. So click on the one you’re curious about and tell us about your successes and tips.