Everything You Need to Know About The Cove School

Everything You Need to Know About The Cove School

The Cove School is thrilled to be celebrating its 70th year and platinum anniversary. We are proud of all of the accomplishments we have made as leaders in education for students with complex learning disabilities. From humble beginnings in 1947 to the tremendous school that exists today, Cove has reached unimaginable milestones. Today, we continue to seek out best practices in order to provide every student with an individualized education and life strategies to reach their full potential. As we look back through the years, we celebrate the progress, breakthroughs and successes of The Cove School.

Cove was founded in 1947 by Dr. Alfred A. Strauss, a child psychiatrist-neurologist, and his research assistant, Dr. Laura Lehtinen Rogan, a teacher and educational psychologist. Together, they opened a residential facility for children between the ages of six and 12. The school’s name comes from its original location on the sleepy cove of Lake Michigan in Racine, Wisconsin. Since its founding, The Cove School has been a national leader within its field, creating an exceptional environment where children with learning disabilities “learn how to learn” and develop the emotional and social skills to reach within, achieve above, and exceed beyond.

Students at The Cove School

The Cove School’s specialized approach to learning provides a unique learning experience that maximizes student growth. Classes are kept small. Teaching is flexible and varies according to the individual student’s learning style. A team of on-site specialists work collaboratively with every student to provide intensive, integrated related services. Our dual purpose is to provide students with customized learning strategies to complete an academic curriculum, and facilitate the development of their social, emotional and self-advocacy skills.

Here are some frequently asked questions about The Cove School:

Why do students come to Cove?

Each student that comes to Cove has unique needs and requires specific programmatic requirements that call for an individualized approach. Cove can provide that as well as provide an appropriate peer group with authentic opportunities to allow students to enhance their strengths.

The Cove School

Can a smaller class size make a difference?

To facilitate the continual assessment and individualized instruction essential to the Cove experience, classes are kept small with no more than eight to 10 students per class. For more intensive remediation, groups may be as small as two or three students. Classes and groups are designed to be as cohesive as possible with special consideration paid to the age, social and language needs of the students involved. Overall, Cove maintains a student/teacher ratio of 4:1.

What is the relationship between Cove and public schools?

We provide a vital service to all public schools challenged with finding the appropriate educational setting for students to meet their complex learning needs. This collaboration is a top priority at Cove, helping to facilitate the students’ transitions back to their local schools and broader communities.

Does Cove offer year round education?

Cove’s ESY (Extended School Year), otherwise known as summer school, gives students the opportunity to continue working on basic core curriculum, as well as a chance to try out some specialty classes like STEAM, cooking and dance.

The Cove School in Northbrook

How broad of a reach does Cove have?

Students come to Cove from more than 50 school districts throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan area. We also serve as a training site for local teachers and professionals in the community, maintaining a close working relationship with local universities, private specialists, and others involved with childhood learning and development.

How does Cove help students socially?

Because certain learning disabilities make it difficult for students to acquire and maintain friendships, we offer specific classes to help students develop and refine these vital social skills. Many children with learning disabilities do not learn as quickly or as easily as their peers. As a result, their sense of self-worth often suffers. At Cove, students experience academic success and develop social skills that build confidence and enhance their personal growth.

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Can my child enter Cove mid-year?

Yes. Cove accepts new students at any point during the school year, space permitting. Therefore, it is not unusual for students to begin at The Cove School mid-year.

Who are some of Cove’s Community Partners?

Cove partners with a variety of businesses and organizations that support the school in numerous ways. Curriculum partners work with our students in specific areas of study that dovetail with their work, or provide materials and equipment that facilitate learning in a specific discipline. Volunteer partners touch Cove by donating their time and energy with hands-on projects. Cove’s transition partners participate in career day and open their doors for students to job shadow or intern. Cove depends on our community of generous foundations and businesses to help cover the gap between the cost of education and the cost of tuition. Funding partners support Cove by underwriting the cost of our Annual Benefit, sponsoring our One Step at a Time 5K, and/or providing financial support throughout the year.

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Where is Cove located?

The Cove School is located at 350 Lee Road in Northbrook, Illinois. To contact Cove, phone the main office at 847-562-2100.

Learn More About Cove

Visit our website at coveschool.org. To get an overview of our program, attend our upcoming Open House on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Questions? Contact Dr. Sally Sover at [email protected] or call 847-562-2100. We look forward to sharing what Cove has to offer with you!