2018 Gift Guide: The Year’s Coolest Tech Gifts

2018 Gift Guide: The Year's Coolest Tech Gifts

Gizmos and gadgets so impossibly cool you’ll turn green with giver’s remorse. (On that note, buy two — one for them, and one for you. Every one of these gifts gives back in awesome ways so you can justify it!)

Relay Cellphone Alternative, $50

Gift Guide, Tech: Relay Cellphone Alternative

This cellphone/walkie-talkie hybrid offers safe, screen-free communication between tweens and teens and their folks, friends, and anyone else in their parent-approved network.

Motiv Ring Sleep and Fitness Tracker, $199

Gift Guide, Tech: Motiv Ring

Not only does this gadget make it easier to prioritize your health, but by purchasing one, you’re also supporting a small, San Francisco-based biz with big dreams.

Away The Carry-On with Ejectable Battery for Charging, $225

Gift Guide, Tech: Away The Carry-On

Every sale supports Peace Direct, a nonprofit that aims to build long-term peace in high-conflict environments around the world.

STATE Filmore Laptop Backpack, $295

Gift Guide, Tech: STATE Filmore Laptop Backpack

For every bag purchased, a child receives a backpack filled with school supplies.

GoPro Fusion, $600

Gift Guide, Tech: GoPro Fusion

GoPro provides nonprofits with cameras, financial support, video producers, and content distribution.

Samsung The Frame Smart TV, from $1,198

Gift Guide, Tech: Samsung The Frame Smart TV

This TV looks like art when it’s off (users can curate high-quality art “screen savers” through Samsung’s many museum partnerships), and purchasing one supports initiatives like Samsung’s Digital Villages program in South Africa, which provides solar power to needy schools and hospitals.

Shinola Runwell Turntable, $2,500

Gift Guide, Tech: Shinola Runwell Turntable

This beauty is manufactured in Shinola’s Detroit factory, where its employees, many of them men and women who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to work, are paid above-market wages and receive above-average benefits.


Feature photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash.