6 Seder Plates to Suit Your Style

Passover is almost here—time for a spotless house and a feast full of traditions.

Maybe one tradition you’d like to rethink is your hand-me-down Seder plate. If you find that old plate is just not you, shake things up this season and look to your personal style for a new piece:

You sport funky metal jewelry and aren’t afraid to mix and match patterns.
Burning Bush Seder Plate (above) by Gary Rosenthal – on sale $134.40

Ever the traditionalist, pearls and personalized stationary are among your must-haves.

Annieglass Seder Plate – $231



From your sleek sedan to your silver laptop, you gravitate towards clean lines and chrome.
Nambe Seder Plate – $224.99


Ballet flats and flattering jeans are all you need to feel great, and your home is just as comfortable and inviting.
Turquoise Floral Seder Plate by Ototo Design Studio – from $382.50

You love collecting investment pieces that bring you joy while making a statement about your style.
Raised Limestone Plate by Amy Klein Rechert – from $3,240


You never miss an episode of Mad Men, and wish hats and gloves would come back in fashion.
Futura Seder Plate by Jonathan Adler – $150