Fresh: Ohana

fresh-ohana-leadExpectant parents on the North Shore have a new local resource to help them through this exciting, yet challenging journey

Ohana, which is Hawaiian for the inner circle of family and close friends, was created by Jocelyn Alt to help educate parents-to-be and make them feel more at ease. After working as a doula for six years, Alt decided to start this new venture to provide parents with accurate information, answer questions, and build a support group—things you can’t get out of a quick doctor’s appointment.

Their services include childbirth classes, doulas, concierge services (to help with decision-making during various stages of pregnancy) and interaction through social groups. Ohana’s first Childbirth and ParentPrep class is a 6-week session that runs from March 5 to April 16. The class will cover physical and emotional health during pregnancy, the birth process, basic newborn care and intention setting for the kind of parent you want to be. These services are especially helpful for first-time parents, but offer valuable resources to anyone who is expecting.


2956 Central St.