Getting In The Holiday Spirit

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, supposedly – even though sometimes it feels like just a lot of work. Well, don’t think you have to re-decorate your entire house to get in the holiday mood. Here are a few “half” ideas that will do the trick and fit your schedule.


If you have half a minute
Record a funny or sentimental seasonal greeting on your cell phone or home answering machine, or download a holiday-themed ringtone.

If you have half an hour
On your way home, take a detour through a neighborhood with fabulous holiday lights. You can find a list of such neighborhoods in our Family section.

If you have half a day
Rather than buying new outfits for this year’s holiday parties, call a few friends and/or neighbors and organize a holiday clothing swap. Provide some refreshments and get the kids swapping too. Donate whatever clothing is left to a local charity. For party set-up ideas, visit and for charities that will pick up donations at your house, visit