Grow A Little Hope for the Holidays

The Snoopster loves to make pretty little things. It’s always fulfilling and joyful to see things gracing my home‚ no matter how big or small‚ and know that they came from my hands and my heart. You too?


Well, here’s my gift for you then. I came up with this creation for the December holidays‚ any one, can you believe it?

I call it my Holiday Star Tree. Stars, as universal symbols, have represented excellence and power. They have been used to symbolize different faiths and ideologies. To me, they represent illumination and the heavens, guidance and hope. Couldn’t we all use some of that?

So sow some seeds of hope and grow a Holiday Star Tree. Start with a simple origami fold to make a tiny puffy star. Everyone in the family can join in‚ it’s a great hand-busying project to accompany a night of “Mad Men,” “Brothers & Sisters,” “South Park,” – depending on who wins control of the remote.

What you’ll need:

  • 1/2 -by-12-inch strips of pretty paper. (You can find paper for origami stars at Super H Mart, Waukegan Road and Oakton Street, Niles, 847- 581-1212; Or you can cut your own leftover, Kraft paper-weight gift-wrap or scrapbooking paper. Win eco-points by using magazine pages or discarded printer paper.)
  • Branches (hit up your backyard or head to an area crafts store)
  • Transparent string (available at craft and beading stores)

1. Make a “ribbon loop” from the strip of paper, with one end as short as possible lying over the long strip.

2. Slip the long end through the loop to tie a knot. Pull the “knot” as tight as you can without scrunching the paper.

3. Flatten the edges of the knot to make a pentagon shape.

4. Fold short end up and trim, if necessary, so when you tuck it into the cross flap of “pentagon” it doesn’t show.

5. Turn pentagon over and fold strip crisply along edge of pentagon. Continue turning and folding until out of paper.

6.Tuck (trimming, if necessary) last little bit strip under flap.

7. Simply use thumb-nail to put dent in the middle of each side of the pentagon. This turns your pentagon into a puffy star.

8. Voila. A star is born.

Steps to make holiday tree:

1. Follow the accompanying instruction graphic to fold as many stars as you like. Or have the kids fold them!

2. Put branches (at desired lengths) into vase; fill bottom of vase about 1 to 2 inches with sand or stones or glass stones, if using.

3. Thread transparent string; knot. Sew string into a star, attach at desired length to a branch. Repeat as many as you like.

Happy holidays – whichever one you’re celebrating!