Loyola vs. Bolingbrook Varsity Football State Championship

From the heart of a dad…


What is the true measure of a champion?

According to the score of the 8A State Championship football game Saturday night, Bolingbrook vs. Loyola Academy, Bolingbrook is the 2011 Champion with a 21 -17 victory! These were the final two teams, out of 574 teams in the state, that set out in the summer with a quest for this stage.

I watched champions on both sides of the ball, battle until the end for that title. There were tears of joy and tears of disappointment. As the players congratulated one another in the end, I witnessed respect, empathy and an understanding that the title could have easily gone one way or the other.

That’s what makes the joy and disappointment run so deep. In the midst of this celebration, I realized the outcome here did crown one champion but both are deserving. I see winners, I see champions in the young men that dedicated themselves to a goal to be here this day.

Young men who dedicated themselves to long hours of hard work, hot summer practice, practice, and more practice. Young men who believed in one another, trusted in one another, and who would do anything asked of them to be here this day.

I witnessed a band of brothers and a pride that cannot be defined by a trophy that will gather dust in the years to come. I believe that the champions I witnessed were in the young men and coaches on the field, as well as the students, parents, alumni and fans in the stands, who in spite of the weather were doing their part.

I witnessed a community of champions proud to represent their schools and proud of the young men that put everything on the line one last time.

No score can define the journey of a champion like I witnessed this night. I am proud of the young men from Bolingbrook, I am proud of the young men from Loyola Academy. I am proud of our community. I am proud of our Champions. It was a great day to be a Rambler.

Eric Miller, Proud father of #51 and a team of champions

Photo Notes:
#37 Reed Michalek
#7 Connor Person
#5 Dylan Brennan
#32 Kevin Daly