Parent Tips for Keeping Grandchildren and Grandparents in Touch

The long distance connection goes both ways. Here are some suggestions for parents who want to keep their children connected with their out-of-town grandparents.


You have to make an appointment, which is not easy, but the impact of real face time is enormous.

Live coverage
Use a pocket-sized mini-cam at sporting events, birthday parties and other occasions, then send the results to grandparents. Children love being on camera and grandparents love to see the kids in action.

Research projects
Instead of talking to the silver-haired neighbor next door about times past, put your kids on the phone or have them e-mail grandma and grandpa to talk about recent and not-too-distant family history or national events.

Family networking site
Make a “Fan Page” on Facebook or set up a Wiki page at Encourage everyone, including your parents and in-laws, to contribute news and pictures of themselves. It’s so easy with digital cameras. If your parents don’t have one, make a gift of it for a birthday or anniversary. (And teach them how to upload photos)

Cousin Connections
Keep your children in touch with their cousins, no matter where they live. That will please your parents more than you can imagine.