The Real Back-to-School Plan

The kids have climbed back on the bus—no more coordinating day trips, camp schedules or play dates, at least between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

What exactly are you going to do with all that free time?

“I plan on working on my stationery company when the kids get back on track as well as continuing to tutor elementary school kids.”
Jamie Siegel, Highland Park

“While my kids are at school, I try and get a work out in as well as a target, grocery or Costco run!  VERY EXCITING!”
Brooke Palmer, Chicago

“I’m planning on continuing to grow my pilates business and getting a good night sleep.”
Kerri Palmer, Evanston

“I run a full-time business out of my home, so during the summer I feel the total presence of my kids and I just love it.   I’ve loved the shared mornings getting our acts together for our jobs and evenings when we make a meal and check in on the day before they head out with friends.  So, when the leaves start to turn, and my kids return to school – one to college and one to high school – I will feel a void.”
JJ Hanley, Wilmette

“When school starts, I’ll transition from summer sports to potty boot camp. My two-year-old Jimmy doesn’t know what’s about to hit him!”
Ann Marie Scheidler, Lake Forest

“Write my family Christmas card letter in the form of a crossword. For that matter, have all Christmas shopping done by drop deadline Nov 1, for which I will be most thankful.”
Sharon Krone, Wilmette

Have you been daydreaming about what’ll you be doing all day long? Tell us about it. Comment below!