3 Tips to Being a Happier, Healthier Patient!

Want a speedy recovery after surgery or illness? Then choose health care providers committed to optimal care coordination.

Under a coordinated care model, providers such as hospitals, physicians, rehab and post-acute centers and home health agencies streamline the way health care is delivered to ensure better care to help speed recovery. Health care providers work together to ensure there is a safe handoff of the patient and their health information from one care setting to another.

The next time you have a hospital procedure and need short-term rehabilitation or post-acute services, aim for optimal coordinated care with these three tips:

  1. Search for facilities that offer 24-hour care and services
    Make sure you’ll be well cared for around the clock.
    Jennifer Illarde, administrator at Alden North Shore Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Skokie, says her facility works closely with each patient’s physician, surgeon and hospital case manager as well as home health agencies to develop individualized post-hospital transition plans for each short-term rehabilitation patient. The goal, she says, “Is to provide the best care and services possible so patients get well and return home as quickly and safely as possible.”

  2. Look for emphasis on patient-centered transition care plans
    Find health care providers who ask about your therapy and lifestyle goals — and help you achieve them!

  3. Seek facilities that offer state-of-the-art physical therapy, occupational and speech therapy
    Rehabilitation centers with updated therapy gyms, like Alden North Shore, have the latest equipment and modalities to help patients achieve their therapy goals.
    Katey Dorney-Cao, administrator at Alden Estates of Evanston Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Evanston, says “Coordinated care is a win-win for everyone as the outcome should be improved health outcomes for patients. Health care providers must all work collaboratively so patients receive the right care, in the right place at the right time.”




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