Green and Clean: Products that are Good to the Earth and Great for the Home

Green is the new black. It’s everywhere and it’s actually un-cool, not to mention uncouth, not to be green.

Whether you’re talking about good for you and the Earth skin care, health care or overall wellbeing, going the verte route is clearly the genius way to veer. Maintaining a green home is the next simple step. Here’s a checklist for keeping your home in stellar shape.

Bathroom-Bacteria Buster: EcoClean Bathroom Cleanser
Non-Toxic, check. Biodegradable, check. Radical at removing dirt, lime scale and other bathroom ickiness, check. This cleaner is scented with essential oils to leave your bathroom smelling clean and fresh—without using chemicals, bleach, ammonia or phosphates. Use it on the sink area, toilet and tiles, too. Buy it at ($3.50)

Kitchen-Germ Killer: Seventh Generation Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner
You can’t afford to skimp on kitchen counters, considering the amount of dirty work that takes place on them. That’s why we’re swearing by Seventh Generation and this outstanding plant-derived, non-toxic cleaning agent that provides a streak-free, fully clean finish every time. Buy it at Whole Foods Markets and some Jewel grocery stores. ($5)

Flooring Phantom: Aubrey Organics Earth Aware Household Cleanser
This biodegradable, all-herbal formula combines soap bark extract and coconut oil soap with geranium, rosemary and sage (hence, the fresh, fantastic scent it exudes) to clean effectively and efficiently, without harming your health or the health of our planet. Although it works wonders on dishes, countertops and even as a mild laundry detergent, we worship the way this cleanser does a whammy on our floors—even after the kids have trekked through grime before coming inside. Buy it at ($6.75)

Laundry Lust: Method Laundry Detergent
This high-tech, 100%-green formula is made using 95% natural and renewable ingredients. It’s readily biodegradable and non-toxic, for skin-friendly clean clothes. One bottle does more than 50 loads, kudos to the concentrated formula. Bonus: The tiny packaging requires less energy to produce and creates less waste. Buy it at Target or CVS. ($15)

Wash Your Hands: CleanWell Foaming Hand Soap
First, we adore the array of scents and flavors—choose from orange vanilla, lavender, ginger bergamot or spearmint lime; second, we’re inspired by the formula, which is infused with antioxidant-rich white tea and aloe, plus it’s incredible for your skin and entirely safe for kids, too. Seeing that the soap kills 99.9% of typical, household germs, you should store one at each sink in your house. Buy it at Target, Whole Foods Market, or (Pack of 4 for $20)