Hitting the Target: Sunday’s Best for a Lot Less

As my family was walking into church on Sunday, I had one of those moments where I looked at all of them and thought: “They’re so darn cute!”


And then it dawned that not only did the kids look adorable, but I’d also dressed all 4 of them—almost head to toe—in Target’s fall lines for just a little more than $100. Here’s how.

Grace feels very cool and grown up in this teal Cherokee cotton shirt ($8.99) and flouncy polka dot skirt ($12.99). She finishes her look with white tights ($3.99) and zebra metallic flats ($12.99).

On Eddie and Leo, each is wearing the Cherokee flat-front khakis with adjustable waists ($12.99) and long-sleeve navy blue polo shirts that the boys thought made them look older ($9.99).

Annie rounds off the group in this darling pink, short-sleeve corduroy dress from the Cherokee brand ($12.99). She’s every bit the church-going little lady with her white cotton tights ($3.99) and black patent leather shoes ($12.99).

That’s 4 children dressed in their Sunday best for $114.89 (excluding tax).Target has an uncanny way of making fashion accessible—even to your little ones.

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