Modern Women Deserve Modern Healthcare

Modern Women Deserve Modern Healthcare

Today’s women do it all. We are professionals, advocates, caretakers. Wives, mothers, friends. While we all choose our roles and responsibilities to reflect our visions for our lives, we have many things in common. One of the most common issues most women face — and often don’t prioritize — is self-care.

Inner Beauty: Dr. Dana Russo
Dr. Dana Russo

Dr. Dana Russo, Board Certified OB/GYN, is an advocate for women and wants to help them make their health and well-being a priority in their lives. She wants to take away the stigma that surrounds women’s health and offer solutions to help women feel healthy and beautiful from the inside out. This is why she founded Inner Beauty Medical Rejuvenation & Hormone Optimization.

Since its inception, the core concept behind Inner Beauty has been to use the most advanced technology such as Sciton’s diVa™diVaTyte™ laser treatments, O-Shot®, and BioTe® hormone therapy. These therapies help women overcome some of life’s most intimate and personal physical challenges, including vaginal laxitydryness, and atrophy as well as urinary stress incontinence. As one of the only board-certified gynecologists in the state of Illinois offering vaginal rejuvenation services, Dana Russo is leading the way in treating women’s health.

Inner Beauty is dedicated to empowering women to make educated choices about their health and well-being in a safe and relaxing environment. Dr. Russo will listen and guide you through intimate conversations that are personal and critical to creating your personal health plan. Together, you will decide which services are recommended to achieve maximal health results.

At Inner Beauty, Dr. Russo and her team will help you restore and optimize your hormonal balance, improve your sexual health, and offer you options for vaginal rejuvenation with a focus on preventative and restorative medicine. She believes people feel their best when they believe they are beautiful from the inside out. Dr. Russo offers a safe and relaxing environment to discuss your most intimate concerns. She provides some of the most technologically advanced treatments and services available for women’s health.

It is important to Dr. Russo to educate women on their options. So many women don’t know that there are solutions to their intimate problems — and many are non-surgical. She offers a solution for urinary stress incontinence with state-of-the-art vaginal laser procedures and platelet-rich plasma injections. These services, performed by a board-certified gynecologist, are critical to women’s health. There are non-gynecology physicians who are trying to manage these conditions. Make no mistake, these therapies and procedures should be evaluated, performed, and managed by a board-certified gynecologist.

Inner Beauty operates out of Trio Med Spa in Northfield, Illinois, and serves Chicagoland and the North Shore. Dr. Russo provides modern care to meet the most intimate health challenges a woman may face and empowers women to take charge of their femininity and reclaim their confidence, vitality, and youth.


“I believe that when women feel beautiful on the inside, it reflects on the outside. I would love to help you on your path to health, wellness, and beauty.” —Dr. Dana Russo

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