Better Chicago’s December Dog of the Month: Meli, a Chinese Crested Maltese

Meet a green bean-loving pooch that is sweet as honey, likes walks by Northwestern, and finally found her forever home in Evanston.

Who: Meli

Better Chicago December Dog of the Month: Meli

About: 8-10 year old female Chinese Crested Maltese

Lives In: Evanston with her mom, Cathy Palivos

How did you and Meli find each other?

“I adopted Meli from the Evanston Animal Shelter after being asked to foster her after a serious operation. I volunteer for the shelter and after fostering her during her recovery, I decided that she had to stay with me forever.”

How did you decide on Meli’s name?

“Meli means honey because she is such a sweet dog.”

Better Chicago's December Dog of the Month: Meli

What happened to Meli?

“She was brought into the shelter July 4th weekend 2017 in bad shape. I was volunteering that evening and remember the day. She wasn’t breathing well, so she was immediately taken to MedVet. The found that she had trauma to her body that required surgery. Her spleen was removed, part of her liver, and her diaphragm was reattached. Meli had lost most of her hair due to poor nutrition and a thyroid problem. She was in such bad shape that people would ask me, ‘Hey lady, what’s wrong with your dog?’ Thankfully, she has made a complete recovery and, despite her struggles, is the sweetest dog.”

Does Meli have any quirks or interesting traits?

“She insists on chicken at every meal. She also loves raw veggies. Zucchini, carrots, and green beans are her favorites.”

What does Meli love to do in Evanston?

“Walks in the neighborhood park and along the lakefront by Northwestern University, especially during the Evanston Animal Shelter‘s yearly Halloween Pet Parade.”

Better Chicago Dog of the Month: Meli

Can you tell us a funny story about Melismas?

“Meli has a parrot brother. She likes destroying his toys when they drop to the ground. She doesn’t play with her toys, but destroys his! She has also chewed the faces of my two souvenir teddy bears from South America.”

How will you celebrate her Better Chicago Dog of the Month feature?

“We will celebrate by going back to the Evanston Animal Shelter for a visit and bring roast chicken to the dogs waiting for their forever homes.”

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